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The development of Biofeedback since the recent works of :


Recently, The French Serge HAROCHE received, with the American David Wineland, the Nobel Price of fisical 2012 for discovers on optic quantum. In 2009, he received the CNRS Gold Price.


- Jacques Benvéniste (12/03/35-3/10/04), physician and French immunologist, author “ the memory of water” (Albin Michel, 2005) giving birth to a controversy that led to his eviction of the INSERM in 1995. In 1991 and 1998, he receives the Price parodical chemistry Ig Nobel for his homeopathic discovery that water not only has a memory, but that this information can be transmitted via the telephone and Internet.  


Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel prize of Medicine and discoverer of the HIV virus, author of “The fights of life” ‘Lattès, 2008). He declared to have noted publicly at the conference of October 2007 in Lugano, in Switzerland, at the time of his works on the HIV virus of the phenomena described by Jacques Benveniste (Example : patients affected by the AIDS under treatment : their cellular reactivity is more important during the anti-virus treatment because the immune system answers while defending themselves).


- Fritz Albert Popp (Biology of light, Liege, Pietteur, coll. "Resurgence" 1989).  

According to him, the cells of the living organisms would not only communicate by chemical signals but especially by electromagnetic signals. The biophotons is to the very origin of the dynamics of the biochemical mechanisms and it seems that the role of the DNA is central in the management of these information of undulatory origin.


Jean-François Mazouaud : BA - BA of the quantum medicine (Pardès, 2007)

The survey of the cell, according to a quantum approach, reveals the existence of a communication intercellulaire. This one allows the different cellular families to exchange vital information for the global working of the organism. Thus, the approach of the illness will be it discount in question, for the well-being of all, insofar as such a discovery, again known pain, bring an inescapable contribution to our present therapeutic.


- Dr Denham Harman, physician and gerontologist,former chemist of the Shell, installed in Berkley, (Publication - the Newspaper of gerontology, 1956) develops the notion of " stress oxidizing" while describing the destructive effects of the oxidizing molecules on the human organism and the ageing that they lead . 


- Dr Nadine Schuster : Quantum medicine : To understand the origin of the illness to treat it finally (Guy Trédaniel, 2002) 

The mineral reign that one recovers in each of our cells is touched currently by the pollutions of our environment. Our intestinal, urogenital, pulmonary, cerebral floras are invaded today by germs mutants and by multiple parasites. During 20 years, she practises the liberal medicine while deepening research and reflection on a quantum approach of medicine.


- Rafael Cannenpasse-Riffard : Biology, medicine and quantum physics (Marco Pietteur, 1999)

To this moment, it is the physics of the electromagnetic waves and, his/her/its obligated corollary, the quantum physics that brings a new vision of the things.

Professor of biophysics, he is the author many scientific works. He was pupil of the big mathematician and biologist Emile Pinel and the collaborator of physicist Lucien Rougeon, one of the pioneers of the quantum biology.

- Dr Luc BODIN : Cure with the energy  (In French : " Soigner avec les énergies" Editions Guy Tredaniel)

- Dr Rupert SCHELDRAKE : "Une Nouvelle Science de la Vie :  l'hypothèse de la résonance morphique"

- Pr Emmanuel Ransford : "Les racines physiques de l'esprit, le mystère des quanta et de la conscience" (Ed. Quintessence) et "La nouvelle physique de l'esprit pour une nouvelle conscience de la matière" (Ed. Le Temps présent) "