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"Technique of the biofeedback: Your body, a remedy? 

By Marie-Christine Tremblay, journalist, Montreal, Canada,  

Reviewed by Le Monde is elsewhere, multidisciplinary team in health, Montreal, Canada.



The biofeedback permits to visualize the present tensions in the body with the help of electronic devices to which the person is joined. And if your body himself was your best remedy? It is of the less the proposition of a technique more and more used in the treatment of several suffering or painful affections: the biofeedback. 


The bio-feedback is a technique used in the treatment of several affections as the anxiety and the crises of panic, the chronic pain, the syndrome of the chronic fatigue, the epilepsy, the premenstrual syndrome, the unrests of the food, the asthma, hypertension and well of others.   


One also uses the biofeedback in post-traumatic stress management to help the victims of accidents or criminal acts. Attested by the “American Association heart the Study Headache “ of it conquered its letters of nobility in the treatment of the headaches, of tension and the migraine. 


In fact, the biofeedback is now considered like an interesting complement to some medicines to fight stress and the illnesses that there is joined. And in the stride, one studies this approach currently to determine its efficiency in the case of the trouble showing a deficit of the attention with or without hyperactivity (TDAH).