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Cagnes-Sur-Mer (06)

Home & Company in dept 06, 83 et Monaco,
Possibility of remote session (International)
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in Portugal (Algarve) 

in Albufeira,


Faro, Portimao, Lagos

Home & Company in Algarve.

Possibility of remote session (International)


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Mail : dali@quantique-dm.com


Biofeedback is available to children from 3 years and animals.







François Deymier, journalist who made my interview in Direct from Paris about my therapy.


2 hrs · Paris · 

Ecoutez un extrait de "Et si on allait mieux" avec Dalida Mosbah

Dalida Mosbah, est praticienne de santé et consultante en bien-être. Elle est diplômée en Bioénergie Quantique avec le matériel...



Life Coach,
my support consists on
- Releasing emotional blockages, pain and trauma on the psycho-cerebro-organic level,

- Adjusting power with nutrition to the real needs of your body (Quantum nutrition & vegetarianism/vegan),


Hippocrate (460-356 av. J.C.) :

" Que ton alimentation soit ta principale médecine"

> "That your food supply is your main medicine"



- Finding also self-esteem at a workshop "New Look, New Life",


- Listening attentively your inner being "little voice".



The holistic health support uses various therapeutic and energetic tools complementary to allopathic medicine, called "classic" too.


It consists of lessons received and practices :


- Degree in Quantum Therapy - 2010 (Quantum Bio-Energy & Nutrition) as Dr Rife & Dr Clarke with the Life System scan Medical Certified CE (Germany , trainer Dr Hans Stormer),


- Since 2012, Meditation seminary "Listen Heart and energy deployed", Trainer Somasekha, "L'Espace du Coeur" Nice),


- Qi Kong Wisdom 2004/2005, Trainer Mr Phuk Nguyen Van,


- Degree in Body Care - 2003 : massage, lymphatic, drainage, reflexology  (Gontard International School, Nice), basics Shiatsu & Reiki,


- Basics of Feng-Shui for over 10 years,


- Healing energy and magnetism - 1997 Trainer Mme Yvette POULIN, Paris,


- Yoga - 1992-93, Paris, and since Yoga from Shrî Aurobindo,


- Basics of Naturopathy in Respect of Life :


Dr Peter J.D'Adamo "4 groupes sanguins, 4 régimes ou modes alimentaiares"

Dr Jean Seignalet : " L'Alimentation ou la 3ème médecine",

Jacques Antonin : "Nourrir son Âme",




"Both is related on an healthier lifestyle every day"



Coach Harmonisation Home & Company,

because Health depends on it too.


The realization of this project is based on skills and experiences from my family (father and brothers are professionals in house & building construction).

If necessary, it can be supplemented by experts advices. 


In view of harmony, are taken in account :


- The technological aspects of your  house (methods, tools and materials; environment, furniture, materials, colours, etc..),

- Energy basics of Feng Shui,

- Energy alliance between You and Home.


If you wish, you could discover an overview of achievements on my Facebook page "Albums".



NB : Support with advices and services of "Home-Staging" are available for purchase or sale of property.




Nice Life every day

in your Body and Home!





Health and Decoration Coach, my Life Way to the well-being in general :


Health Coach

From childhood, the welfare of others was important to me as a person smile and until today CONTINUES TO BE A GIFT EVERY DAY!

For this, my daily practice of Qi-Kong, meditation, shiatsu, Reiki, Feng-Shui for over 10 years has favored my sensitivity to energy flow of the body to support you towards the way of life more joyful :)

Also, some faculties related to clairvoyance, mediumship and magnetism.

I have degrees : 

Bio-Energy with the method Quantum Life System Medical CE certified hardware :

I provide sessions based on bio-resonance (biofeedback) to re-align with PRECISION your general state and strengthen your natural defenses (immunity system),

Graduated Care Body (Gontard-Elegance International School - NICE),

Training seminary about listening capacities deploy on heart to bring you a state of lightness.


Decoration Coach

Because your-Wellness also depends on where you live, I propose to you my services on Decoration :

Skills transmitted by my father and brothers who are professional on construction & renovation houses,

Experience real decoration, small renovations, home-staging,

Support and balance energy flows circulating in your house to keep harmony with you !



My Vocation is

helping You live better every day

in Your Body and House !