François Deymier, journalist who made my interview in Direct from Paris about my therapy.


2 hrs · Paris · 

Ecoutez un extrait de "Et si on allait mieux" avec Dalida Mosbah

Dalida Mosbah, est praticienne de santé et consultante en bien-être. Elle est diplômée en Bioénergie Quantique avec le matériel...



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Biofeedback is available for everybody

Children from 3 years old, Adults & Animals.

I guide you to recover Vitality, Self confidence, Happiness & Peace!
My formation with an healthy lifestyle :

- Degree in Quantum Therapy - 2010 (Quantum Bio-Energy & Nutrition) as Dr Rife & Dr Clarke with the Life System scan Medical Certified CE (Germany , trainer Dr Hans Stormer),


- Since 2012, Meditation seminary "Listen Heart and energy deployed", Trainer Somasekha, "L'Espace du Coeur" Nice),


- Qi Kong Wisdom 2004/2005, Trainer Mr Phuk Nguyen Van,


- Degree in Body Care - 2003 : massage, lymphatic, drainage, reflexology  (Gontard International School, Nice), basics Shiatsu & Reiki,


- Basics of Feng-Shui for over 10 years,


- Healing energy and magnetism - 1997 Trainer Mme Yvette POULIN, Paris,


- Yoga - 1992-93, Paris, and since Yoga from Shrî Aurobindo,


- Basics of Naturopathy in Respect of Life :

Dr Peter J.D'Adamo "4 groupes sanguins, 4 régimes ou modes alimentaiares"

Dr Jean Seignalet : " L'Alimentation ou la 3ème médecine",

Jacques Antonin : "Nourrir son Âme",