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Thank you for your nice attention!


Testimony of Jo (06 - 01/2017)

"Energetic healing on distance.


Dear Dalida,

I would like to thank you...

After an intense year with a lot of sadness and stress I was completely out of balance, and therefore I've got strange thoughts and physical symptoms. I've tried everything to get back to find the balance.But that worked only temporarily. I kept falling back into the old pattern...

Then I called you ... Your words were calm and full of love, and you said immediately that I was not alone, what felt like a warm blanket. I felt that you were working with me and this energy and love flowed back in my body and therefore back to our family.

 You coached me on the moments when i needed you the most. And all on distance!

What a wonderful experience and I feel so connected to you! Thank you dear Dalida...

Everything is love!

 Jo. ♡"


Testimonha 10/2015 :
Muito obrigada M.Manuela Francia (06) / Figueira da Foz :


"Muito bom dia Dalida venho aqui te deixar o meu tesmunho de agredecimento desde a primeira consultaçao que tive contigo para a cabeça e o sistema nervoso. Foi como uma bençao tudo mudou sintome muito melhor ja nao penso nas dores que me faziam sofrer mesmo problema com a cabeça que nao lhe podia tocar e ja la vao quase 40 anos que se passava assim. Estou me sentindo uma outra pessoa mais sorridente mais feliz com a vida deixei quase por completo todos os medicamentos te agradeço do fundo do meu coraçao assim termino esperando q se possamos encontrar o mais rapido possivel beijinho e ate breve" 


Jacquie C. (06- 06/2015

"I can attest that the biofeedback from Dalida has changed my life!

And that's not an over statement! I had sleep deprivation for over 10 years and after 2 sessions I started to sleep nearly through the night...after 3 no more problems to just fall asleep at bed time and wake up in the morning...after 4, I slept like a baby!

Once I started sleeping again, I was able to get off my medication for fibromyalgia, (which I was on for several years) which was actually due to lack of sleep, most of all no more pain as I finally got some rem sleep, therefore my body had time to repair itself at night!

I also had biofeedback before having my fertility treatments, in conjuntion with other holistic services and the combination helped for a successfull pregnancy! 

I highly recommend the biofeedback!"


A.Maria H. (Monaco- 11/2014)

Patricia S. 06 (04/2014)

" I contacted Dalida on the advice of my physiotherapist for the symptoms of fibromyalgia, Crohn's disease and ankylosing spondylitis . Very tired , too much pain, depressed , feel like doing anything , I spent my days sleeping ....

So I made ​​an appointment with Dalida for the first consultation 2h quantum bio- energy 5 February last . From this consultation, I felt much calmer , more relaxed , dynamic and with tenfold vital energy that allows me to do a lot of things so far.

Also the various pains that I almost do not exist more . I no longer nap to 1:30 and today my calendar is booked activities .

I am delighted because I fell in love with life and I recommend to all to live consultations of Dalida who is a natural person , dedicated and listen to your pain and helps you REALLY vitality and serenity .

Today, Thursday, April 17 , I came by the 4th consultation.

Thank generously and I will never forget for all Dalida welfare found that allows me to enjoy life every day. "

Fanny B. 06 - (04/ 2014)

Mid February , I had a consultation in quantum bio- energy with Dalida .

It has been revealed exactly what was blocking me so far and precisely which bodies were imbalance and lack of self-esteem.

Retail closely, I am literally the recommendations of my " Quantum Dc " and today I talk to anyone , I left behind , I dare , and I 'm getting better . I rediscovered the joy of living, and choose to be who I am .

Those who are suspicious of care in quantum bio- resonance , think and make you truly personal experience. You will be amazed and more!

Thank Dalida Therapist sensitivity and intuition on edge , with a generosity, patience and a huge heart where ever you will not leave disappointed!

THANKS, Dalida ."


Sitha -Pascale L. ( Lyon - remote session)

"Dalida I met last spring (2013) in an internship.

She talked me care quantum bio- resonance device provided by the Life.

We made 2 first aid where I wanted to free myself more deeply past traumas .

What was found was very obvious !

We made a care in October 2013 on my return from a trip to Bulgaria where I contracted a severe gastroenteritis.

The treatment was successful because the gastro stopped short.

We did another treatment in January 2014 because I had developed an infection Papilloma virus.

Care was also very effective because these germs are gone after just one session .

I find this really effective.

Care for me in quantum bio- resonance are the future of medicine ... Do not doubt !

Dalida is an experienced and skilled therapist with experience and intuition .

What is needed in the handling of this type of device to 7000 , I believe, possible parameters.

The Life is apparently one of the best devices on the market in detection and correction. "


Helen D. (06) 02/2014

"I was skeptical when a relationship has spoken to me about this technique care using quantum bio-energy. But I wanted to try to relieve a person that I love so I called and made appointment with Dalida. 

After this first consultation assisted practiced on my friend, I can confirm that during the meeting, my friend no longer complained of pain and its progress from day to day are impressive. 

Thank you for your work and see you soon. "


Valérie S. (06) 01/2014

"My physiotherapist has spoken to me about this method and advised me to contact Dalida because I suffered from headaches and neck pain that important also caused dizziness. 

So I followed his advice in setting appointments with Dalida for monthly consultation quantum bio-energy. 

At the end of the consultation, I felt better, and the days that followed to this day, the painful symptoms that I no longer exist. It is wonderful to have dared to explore this meeting that I recommend to all. 

A big thank you for this Dalida be better every day. "


Me llamo Isabel y soy del Peru (06) 02/2014

"Llevando a mi hija al escuela,  vi en el carro "bioenergie quantique" (que casualidad, no! nada es asual, todo es armonioso y perfecto asi que tume la curiosidad ) llamé por telefono y me repondio Dalida y tume mi primera cita.

realmente fue y es una benedicion, el cambio es immediato!!!

me senté liberada de todos mis pensamientos negativos...!!

realmente senté la felicidad y el amor que hay en mi corazon!!!

gracias infinitas Dalida te lo digo con todo mi corazon."


>Translation : My name is  Isabel and i am from Pérou (06) 02/2014

" I was taking my daughter to school and before me a car with plate" Quantum Bioenergy " ( what a coincidence , no, nothing is coincidence , everything is so smooth and perfect, so I was curious about this method).

Dalida I called and made ​​my first appointment 10 October 2013 .

It was and is truly a blessing , the change is immediate !

I released all my negative thoughts ... !

I really felt the happiness and love that I have in my heart !

Thank you very much Dalida, I tell you with all my heart . "

and her daughter S. 12/02/2014  "Thank you a lot! I feel so better"


Marika (06) 02/2014

"I really do not know why I decided to go to a consultation quantum bioenergy , I would say for various medical and personal reasons because I suffer from a non-genetic ankylosing spondylitis, a chronic infection of the nasopharynx , and other disorders that may be accumulating harmful to my balance .... this is what happened !

The 1st sessions allowed me to have answers on the etiology of these two diseases mentioned above , this removing me weight .... And throughout the following sessions , I felt " assembling pieces of the puzzle " in the how and why , but also treat ailments I had when arriving at the consultation concerns .

All is not healed of course, would be too much but I feel better after each session. It must of course maintain that wellness is a team work somehow!

Dalida thank you for everything! For your skills in quantum medicine, wellness advice , your kindness ... "


S.Lucie (06) - 2013

"Suffering from a blood disease, I looked up at the first session of a biofeedback (quantum bio-energy).

From the following day, I noticed a decrease in my pain and exceptional energy! ...

I recently consulted you for my respiratory tract. Again, I note a marked improvement.

Thank you for bringing me this well-being. :)"

S.O (06) - 2013

"I looked to my daughter 3 years that was not able to sleep or do his naps. From the first 2 hour session, I am pleasantly surprised that my daughter has claimed to "sleep" :)))

Recently, I looked for it you who had trouble feeding as a result of emotional shock. Again, your energy balance method has given a positive result because the next day she started to eat and ask ...

Thank you very much for your support".


Patrice (83) - 2013

"I will talk today about Biofeedback / Quantum Bio-Energy  there in six months I did not know what it was, February 25, 2013 Hospital in a Paris hospital following a discomfort with loss of balance, difficulty of language , fatigue, significant shortness of breath, difficulty walking ect .... I return to the South to complete tests (Scanner, MRI, Doppler, radios) the verdict, a Transcient Ischemic Accident "TIA" (small stroke). My doctor that can last several months, no treatment should let the body recover, it may be long. A friend told me about a young woman Dalida, with a method that I do not know, Balance scanner with energy balancing. I contacted Dalida, we decided to first go for a remote session, I am sending him a recent photo, this Sunday March chose I can not forget it, to my surprise, I who had lost much of my hearing there in 25 years. I felt the noise in my ears, that I had forgotten over time, during this session, fatigue, cold, hot, amazing, Dalida informs me that there will be change every week, we decide to meet us three weeks later for a meeting in his office and to contact one once a week, to track my progress, and especially note the changes. I confirmed that I had found the hearing, not all, but much, I slept well, and I started to walk out to do my shopping, a great change, which I did not go out from home, walking slow, cumbersome and difficult with dizziness. Of the Word, an improvement, I speak with less difficulty, I can express myself better.

Go on a Wednesday in his office Cagnes, I arrived with my wife, because impossible to drive and above all a great difficulty walking. In the cabinet next to the device, the scanner with energy balancing, 3 hours of discovery of my body, balancing, surprisingly this method.

After the session, surprise, I found my legs, I do not dragged their feet, I was not the greatest, almost like before, but I lacked the strength, but what a joy to be able to lift his legs, since it is an improvement, I drive, I walk, not very fast, but I walk, do not run, but I walk, I sleep less that is to say, I no longer nap in the afternoon 2h or rarely. Shortness always present due to improvements, I begin to see the end of the tunnel.

I take appointments with Dalida for another session Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

What is said in this letter is the truth, I have no interest, but help you to raise doubts about a new method that I did not know before, I tried and I am captivated by the performance of this method, and it is not over ...."


U.C (06) 2012

"I discovered Biofeedback in a consultation on my workplace.

I was very surprised at the end of the first 2 hours of consultation, to have the urgent desire to go to the toilet, because the origin and since my childhood I suffered from constipation. Then it was followed by sessions for the upkeep and maintenance and for other things ...

Today we are in May 2013, since these consultations had an immediate effect on my metabolism because every day I'm free, it's really an issue throughout my body .... :)

Thank you for this important change in my life!"